Company Background

After working for several years in the garage door industry, Greg Gillette decided to start his own company. "They just weren't taking care of the customers, and I couldn't stand by it. I felt I could do better."

So in 2003, Greg did open his own company, Alhambra Garage Doors, and began to implement his vision. "I only wanted to install products that I knew were of the highest quality. Plus, I wanted to have good relationships with my customers."

By staying true to this philosophy, Alhambra Garage Doors has earned a reputation for honesty, helpfulness, and quality work. From start to finish, Greg will work hands on with you during your garage door service. Greg provides all of our estimates and is the lead technician that will be working on your garage doors.

An Accredited Company in Yuba & Sutter County

Alhambra Garage Doors is one of the few companies that are accredited in the Yuba & Sutter County! Accreditation means that Alhambra Garage Doors is dedicated to maintaining and increasing their skills and knowledge to bring you the best quality business they can. Learn more about our credentials.